Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"In Dublin fair city..."

Fleet Street
"...where the girls are so pretty". I have this little song in my head, sung by my friend we visited in Dublin! I was really looking forward to discover Ireland, even if I knew it was "just" Dublin (not the country) and for only 2 days. It was worth it anyway!
I'm really late to tell you about it as I was there around the 18th of December but well never too late to talk about a new city I guess. That might be because I was born and grew up kinda by the sea that I always feel so good when I am near it. Dublin has that special "vibe" that only coastal places can have. As in every other big cities, there are different districts (neighbourhood? don't know how you would call this in English) that all have a different atmosphere. Must dos would (for me) definitely be:
 Grafton Street for the bands that are playing for free outside, whatever the weather apparently. 
O'Connell Street because it is beautiful.
Christchurch Cathedral, you have to pay to enter, which my friend and I didn't do but even seeing it from outside was impressive.

Trinity College, old stone and amazing architecture
Dublin's Castle
Fleet street for all the crazy looking pubs
and of course Temple Bar... And don't forget to go in a Irish Pub! We went to the O'Neills (on Suffolk Street) a classic and famous pub, where there is an Irish band playing every night.
one part of the Castle

Concerning the food, as in the UK, it was not as easy as I expected to find vegan things (I think Melbourne definitely made life too easy for me) but not impossible either! The traditional fish and chips let you just stick to the chips, better than nothing! I think it'd be hard to eat in a pub maybe. But as always Mexican restaurant would do it! and the second day we went to an absolutely amazing place, mixture of a cafĂ©, tea room an cake shop. It's called "Queen of tarts". There is one on Cows lane and one on Dame Street, if you can go for the first one which is slightly bigger and with a nicer atmosphere I think. Well, I have to say first the big disappointment is they don't have any vegan cakes or sweets.However, even if my choice was limited for lunch, it was absolutely delicious! I had a mexican bean soup (one of the soup of the day was vegan, the other not, so you have to check) with a hummus and vegetable sandwich. The bread is home made and fresh and you can chose the one you prefer. Simple, but good and quality food that makes you want to go back. As a "desert" I had a slice of their home made brown bread with the raspberry jam; home made as well. I hope they'll start making more vegan options soon, but even if not, I'd be happy to go back if I go back to Dublin!
The Liffey by night

French version to come...

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