Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Asia trip part one: Bali

I feel like being back from the dead on here! I thought I would be able to keep this blog running regularly but apparently I am not getting much better. I'll try to do my best now :)
Here I am back to school in Melbourne for the second semester of my exchange. But before that I was lucky enough to get a (very) big summer break during which I ended up doing a trip to South East Asia with some of my friends. It's really exciting for me to tell you about that first trip in a new continent!!
Monkey Forrest (Ubud)
Our first stop was Bali, one of the isles of Indonesia. We stayed there for 5 days, and I must say that I remember saying how much I liked it but now that I've seen the other countries I'm going to tell you about soon I am not so sure. Don't take me wrong, it was great! Problem is it was really touristy, lots of Australians going on holidays there and acting as "kings of the world" because yeah you have a bit more money in that country than what you have in yours by comparison. And that's the kind of behaviour I don't like to see when I'm on holidays.
Anyway, we had really great time over there, trying watersports that we could not even think to afford in Oz. Parasailing was just incredible, a great memory! and I might say the food was great and (as I was about to discover) being vegan in Asia is pretty easy, way easier than in France or in Europe in general I'd say.
First meal in Kuta
The centre of Bali was also really nice, a different atmosphere and more peaceful than crazy Kuta (but crazy is good sometimes ;)). If you have time in Bali I would definitely recommend Ubud and the Kuntamani (one of the volcano in the centre) for the beauty and peacefulness, and Kuta for the night life and a bit of shopping. Don't forget to bargain, the first price is never the "real" one.
Oh and Balinese massage... What I would give to go back there just for a massage!!!

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