Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm back! (well at least I'll try)

Hey there!

so yeah I know... I'm coming back from the deads, and now we can all say that apparently having a blog (where I would keep on posting regurlarly) does not seem to be my thing. But I still want to give it a shot... Who knows ;) I just think I still have things to say and post about travelling as a vegan, where and what to eat and how to stay vegan as well as staying healthy (in some places it seems more challenging to do both).

so lots of things have happen since my last post. I finished my year as an excahnge student in Melbourne University and had to fly back home, to France. I thought I would have to go back to being vegetarian but no, I'm holding up and I find it easier and easier to be vegan here as well! and as time goes by, I might say I don't really imagine eating in a different way or going back to my old diet.

I've had the opportunity to go back to London and to Paris, and that was my first time as a vegan in those cities so I'll have things to share about this! I don't know if there's still any point for me to share my experience about my trip in Asia as it was so long ago? but if it does interest anyone let me know ;)

I will also have some more recipes and ideas hopefully coming soon...

Please excuse me for that long silence, and hope you'll enjoy the new start of this blog!

see you soon on here :)

Ps: is there anyone who would still want the French version?

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