Thursday, August 8, 2013


I finally got to go for a trip in Paris as a vegan. During my year in Australia I was still following what was going on I. The capital to know how things were evolving in France on this point.
Some places opened while I was away and I was really happy to check them out at last.

First thing I really wanted to visit was Vegan Folie's. I thought it was a cafe but it is more of a vegan patisseries where you can buy sandwiches, cheesecakes, cupcakes, cookies and others drinks or sweets. Everything is 100% vegan which is always a great feeling for me (not having to ask about what I can have or not). I tried their chocolate cheesecake but also the blueberry one, their brownie and their cookie (yes I have just been there once but well...). There were 2 of us and all of this with 2 drinks cost us 19€ which I think is pretty cheap for home made vegan delights (and organic drinks). My favorite were the cookie and the brownie, just totally loved them!! The cheesecakes were really nice as well (just have a little preference for the cheesecake I used to have at Invita)

Second place I wanted to try was East Side Burgers, a new vegetarian fast food. Well after a year in Melbourne and some regular visits to (all mighty) Lord Of The Fries, I might say this was not something new. But well, after more than a month back in France, I was starting to miss vegan junk food. and I was not disappointed! Tasty burgers (I'm sad I couldn't try the hot dog, but I'll be back!) and vegan cheese option (which is pretty awesome for France!) and home made fries are always making me fall! Oh and also just totally LOVED the pear and chocolate tartelette and the cookie (might say I still have a preference for the cookie from Vegan Folie's, but you know I love every cookies anyway, no discrimination here). (Yes I tried all of this in a day... no judgements!)

if you just had one thing
to buy for the summer: THIS IS IT
I also had the opportunity to go to the shop Un Monde Vegan (a Vegan Wolrd in English...) that I had already mentioned earlier in here. I don't really like to do my grocery shopping on the internet so that was nice to have time to go "for real" to their shop (and yes the rest of the time I am really grateful that their website exists!). Good other point is that they also have the brand vegetarian shoes that you can try and everything! They have everything they have on the website, and I finally got to buy some vegan croissants and pain au chocolat (that I have yet to try!! I will let you know)

So that's it about Paris. I also did some pic nique by the seine, and I might in summer it's always pretty easy to just have a vegie salad and fruits so no problem about this! this little holidays in Paris showed me that things are starting to change in France (or at least in Paris) and that veganism is coming around here little by little. (again I am not preaching for everyone to become one, I just want my life to be a bit easier by having more choices and options in general!)
have a great day/night wherever you are!

Ps: better quality pictures next time... this was not really taken to be put on here but well

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